Dear Friends, As of from the 1st of October I will be the national poomse coach. First  I would like to thank for the confidence the clubs and TKI have shown  electing me as coach. The way to triumph is hard and demands good  preparation physically and equally important mentally. I would  appreciate that the head instructors from the different clubs that  conform the federation would send me a list of the students they want to  send for national practice trails. During this comming week I will start  visiting the clubs and meet with the coaches to organize in-situ  training plan for the future national team members IN their own clubs. Wishing all you you an nice weekend, Best regards,  Eduardo Rodriguez H

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  1. eduardo says:

    Next weekend 12-13 Oct It will be U&E poomse training, the location will be disclosed tomorrow Monday. In the future we will coordinate the sparring and the poomse training for U&E the same weekends so members from clubs outside Reykjavik don’t need to be travelling more than necessary. We believe that Good techniques reflex in good sparring so kids should train both  (only a suggestion, NOT requirement). More details to come Monday-Tuesday.

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